VERMILION COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - After Vermilion Housing Authority got the green light to demolish the Georgetown housing complex, they are helping residents find a new home. 

In December, the Vermilion Housing Authority, alongside the Danville Housing Authority, announced they would demolish Ramey Court. After an extensive physical assessment, the 26-unit housing complex did not meet current building codes. 

"We did a physical needs assessment of the physical condition of Ramey Court, and found that the structures are in serious physical deterioration, and would require serious capital investment to bring them up to current building code," Jaclyn Vinson, executive director of the Vermilion Housing Authority, tells WAND News. 

WAND News asked Vinson if the demolition had anything to do with the scarcity of local amenities, but Vinson said this was not the case.

"The demolition activity at Ramey Court is in no way a reflection of the city of Georgetown," Vinson said, "Instead we are proposing and we will be demolishing Ramey Court based on the physical obsolescence of the development itself.'

Now, the Vermilion Housing Authority is meeting with current residents to find new homes. Out of the 26 units, only 13 of them are occupied. 

"What those meetings look like, we call them our individual relocation plans. And so that the families know their next steps that nobody is getting immediately pulled out or displaced, that we work with the families on their housing options," Vinson said. 

Residents are offered either a Tenant Protection Voucher or another public housing option. The voucher can be used anywhere in the country. For those that want to stay in public housing, Vinson said they are helping the residents every step of the way. 

"We give them that listing, here's our directory of active landlords, contact them and we have landlords throughout the county right now, so from the northern end and Hudson all the way to the southern end in Georgetown and even Ridge Farm," Vinson said. 

Once families find new homes, they have 120 days to move out of Ramey Court. 

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