Lake Iroquois suffered a huge fish kill

IROQUOIS COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - Lake Iroquois community members woke up to a strange smell on July 8.

The members say they noticed a massive amount of fish laying above the water. It was like nothing they'd seen before.

One of the residents said they noticed an odd color on the lake on Saturday, but didn't put much thought into it until the day after.

"I looked at the water and said to my mom and dad, like it looks's a different color from what it's normally like chocolate...

and normally it's like a green," said community member Jackson Freeman.

The cause of the fish kill is still under investigation. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agency have some thoughts as to a possible cause.

"This is an act of nature where the lake inverted and the waters... the cooler waters from the bottom suddenly came up and the sludge that was in

them tied up the oxygen and caused the fish to expire. We're working right now on water tests with the public health department and as well as Illinois EPA and when we get things cleared, we'll be back in the water," said chairman of the association's recreation committee Jim Shearl.

Crews have been removing all the fish for three days now and hope they can finish by the end of the week.