Travis C. Stewart

Travis C. Stewart, 36 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A man charged with slashing Decatur tires is also accused of throwing bricks through two Decatur buildings. 

Sworn statements from Decatur police said security video showed Travis C. Stewart, 36, picking up a brick at 8:56 p.m. on July 4 and throwing it through a glass door at the Keil Building, the administration building for Decatur Public Schools. 

Officers said he could then be seen at 10:28 p.m. the same night throwing a brick through two glass doors of the Decatur Civic Center.

Police said they reviewed security footage of both of these acts of vandalism, along with video of someone slashing tires of cars parked along East Prairie Avenue and East Merchant Street Sunday night, and determined Stewart was the person responsible for both. He was wearing the same exact clothing in each tape, statements said. 

Stewart was arrested after 10 p.m. Sunday, following a response from authorities to calls of slashed tires. Police said there were two active warrants for Stewart at that time for criminal damage to state supported property and criminal damage. 

The suspect had been placed on 24 months of probation in December 2019 for using spray paint to damage the Decatur Police Department headquarters, the Macon County Courthouse, Heritage Behavioral Health Center and Decatur Bicycle Shop in August of that year. He pleaded guilty to charges in that case. 

In addition, Stewart is accused of using a knife to flatten a Macon County squad car tire on Jan 13. 2020. A warrant was issued for this charge in June.

Stewart's bail is set at $1 million, statements said. He faces over one dozen charges for criminal damage to property and criminal damage to government property. 

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