Travis Stewart

Travis Stewart, 35 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A man accused of vandalizing multiple places in Decatur with spray paint is in custody Monday. 

Police said Travis Stewart, 35, rode around on a bike Sunday evening and used the spray. Damaged properties included the Decatur Police Department headquarters, the Macon County Courthouse, Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Decatur Memorial Hospital ENTA building and Decatur Bicycle Shop. 

Stewart first went to the DPD headquarters at 6:48 p.m., officers said, and sprayed "traitor" on the glass partition between the lobby and front office. They said he then placed a Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth watch on the counter. 

The next damage happened at the Macon County Courthouse, when police said security cameras showed him approaching the west entry doors after 7 p.m. The word "traitor" was left behind on the west entry doors, according to sworn statements, and glue appeared to have been placed in the door lock to keep a key from being used in it. 

Stewart is accused of going to Heritage Behavioral Health Center, located at 101 N. Main St., where a witness told police he could be seen spraying "traitor matrix" on the east wall of the business. Police said the word "traitor" was also found on the east main entrance door of the DMH ENTA building (101 W. McKinley Ave.). 

Finally, police said they found "traitor Scott" written in on boards covering the windows of Decatur Bicycle Shop (1230 E. Pershing Road) - the same windows statements said Stewart previously damaged before an Aug. 9 arrest. At that time, Stewart told police he was angry at the owner of the business, whose name is Scott.

On Sunday night, police said Stewart was wearing a black bicycle helmet, black frame glasses, a black spandex bike uniform with Decatur Bicycle Shop printed on it and black bicycle shoes. 

The suspect faces eight charges of criminal defacement to property, records showed, along with counts of criminal trespass to land and criminal damage to government property. His total bail is set at $14,000 in Macon County. 

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