FARMER CITY, Ill. (WAND) - Farmer City is just one of many communities around the state granted money through the Illinois Safe Routes Grant to help improve sidewalks.

Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Transportation granted more than $5 million to local communities for projects aimed at making sure kids get to school safely. Farmer City received over $130 thousand to create and redo sidewalks along John Street.

"We will be able to walk on a sidewalk all the way from Route 54, through residential areas to school," explained Sue McLaughlin, city manager.

In most areas around Farmer City, McLaughlin described walkways as broken, grown up or not even there.

"We have very little sidewalk in town or it is old brick where the grass is covering it up," said McLaughlin.

With the help of school leaders, McLaughlin said they were able to work together to create a plan apply for the grant. A study was done to see how many children walked to school on certain streets throughout Farmer City. After extensive work, it was decided to create sidewalks will run along John Street leading to the schools.

"Safe routes to schools is a big thing and since we don't have many sidewalks this is going to be a tremendous impact," said McLaughlin.

The projects are expected to begin next spring or summer. McLaughlin said this project is in conjunction with the school's roads project, which will be right in front of the buildings.