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SANGAMON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - Three businesses in Springfield and Chatham are facing fines after health officials said they did not follow Sangamon County COVID-19 guidelines. 

Sangamon County Department of Public Health Director Gail O'Neill said $250 fines for first-time violations were handed to Chatham Cafe (414 N. Main St., Chatham) and The Main Gate Bar & Grill (2143 N. 11th St. Springfield). She said customers complained about employees not wearing masks in both places. 

A third restaurant, Star 66 Cafe (3752 Camp Butler Road, Springfield), had improper table spacing and was also fined $250, per O'Neill. 

These were the first businesses Sangamon County has cited for compliance problems. Each has the chance to appeal citations before an independent hearing officer. 

Punishments can become harsher for businesses that have repeat violations. O'Nell said a business can have a food or liquor license pulled at any time, depending on how severe a violation is. 

Beginning July 24, Sangamon County introduced rules requiring bars and restaurants to operate at the lower amount of less than 50 people or 50 percent of overall capacity, limit standing capacity to 25 percent and have six feet of distance between tables. Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder recently took steps against business infractions with a sixth executive order. 

SCDPH performed inspections over the weekend before citing Chatham Cafe on Friday and The Main Gate on Saturday.

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