SHELBYVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - The light displays are up around Forest Park in Shelbyville for the annual Festival of Lights.

The event starts Friday night, but organizers have worked since October to set up the 500 light displays.

"Our motto is the little city, with big city lights," said Bill Bly, organizer.

For the past 26 year years people from all over central Illinois have traveled to Shelbyville to drive-thru the Christmas lights display. Bly said last year 6,900 people drove through Forest Park.

"People are amazed with the little town that has such a good light display."

COVID-19 has canceled many events around central Illinois, however the Shelbyville Festival of Lights isn't one of them, since people drive-thru it is contactless.

"A lot of people have been cooped up because of the virus they may want to come out."

Mayor, Jeff Johnson said the event has attracted thousands to the town of the years.

"You know it has been kind of a rough year," said Johnson. "People can come here and they can drive through in their own cars with their own families and it is something they can do to enjoy and get out."

The Festival of Lights starts Friday, November 20 at 5 pm and will run until January 1. The lights turn on at 5 pm every night, then on Friday's and Saturday's they turn off at 10pm and Sunday through Thursday at 9pm.

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