FLINT, Mich. (WAND) - A high school student has been wearing a hazmat suit to school after bed bugs became a problem there.

David Wright’s grandmother works as a nurse and, because she goes to people’s homes as part of her job, can’t risk bringing the pests to work. She gave Wright a choice of either wearing the suit to Carman-Ainsworth High School or changing clothes in the garage each day.

He chose to wear the suit, which he keeps on during the school day and puts in his backpack after coming home. The backpack must stay in the garage and can’t come inside the house.

Wright said he’s seen the bed bugs in books, on walls and on the floor at the school.

“It’s nobody’s fault that our school has (bed bugs),” Wright said. “It just needs to be taken care of.”

Carmen-Ainsworth Community Schools Superintendent Eddie Kindle expressed his support for Wright’s situation.

“We want to support every student and family, especially in adverse situations such as this,” he said.

Wright must follow Michigan state guidelines, which don’t allow him to skip school. The school will not close down.