URBANA, Ill. (WAND) - Urbana's city council has voted to allow the possibility of school resource officers being removed. 

The 6-1 vote allows the district to end an agreement for two officers as its middle school and high school. Under the resolution, should the district decide it wants to terminate, suspend or amend the current agreement for officers, the city would work with the district to get it done. 

The council heard Monday night from community members in favor of passing the resolution and removing school resource officers. Urbana's district superintendent, however, said she does not see it happening.

"We realize with Officer Burnett and Officer Robinson on our team, we have the opportunity to build an exemplary model that not only represents and supports our students, but can be looked upon in the community and the nation," said Superintendent Jennifer Ivory-Tatum. "It is going to take a community effort to assist with the task to provide support, education, safety and empowerment to our students, and given the opportunity, we know we can do this together." 

Urbana city council member Jared Miller explained more about what the Monday night vote means. 

"This is really us saying that we won't get in the way of the city, or of the school district if they if they were to decide to want to put an end to it, we're not going to say, 'no, you didn't,'" Miller said. 

Before the city council met, a small group of protesters stood outside of Urbana's police station.

The people opposed to SRO's said they have more work to do. They plan to be at an Urbana school board meeting tomorrow, even though the officer issue is not on the agenda. 

Urbana's district currently pays $160,000 each year per officer.

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