DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - With fury in her voice, the mother of a child who police said was battered by her teacher demanded action from Decatur Public Schools. 

Tiasha Dady took the podium and immediately asked why the suspect in the case, 39-year-old Jamie Goodman, was allowed back in the classroom. Police said Goodman told the kids in the class to put their heads down when an 8-year-old child didn't follow directions. She's accused of then pushing the child's head down, hitting their forehead on the desktop. 

"Who dropped the ball?" Dady asked the board. She went on to say her child's trust in authority figures has been broken. 

She called for Goodman to be fired and lose her teacher's license and for the district to provide her with answers about what happened. 

"I had to take police to the school, I had to make reports, I had to force everything to happen. Who's fighting with me?" she said. "I'm fighting this by myself. I shouldn't be! I didn't do anything wrong. I sent my child to school with people who are supposed to be protect her." 

She ended by telling the board "y'all failed me" and pleaded with them to "please fix this" before leaving the podium. 

Police said statements during the investigation led law enforcement to believe the act was intentional and out of frustration. 

Decatur Public Schools released a statement saying they are aware of the incident and administrators are working through disciplinary protocols. 

"We deal with all instances of alleged misconduct during disciplinary procedures outlined in union contracts," said Denise Swarthout, DPS Chief Communications Officer. 

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