IDOT aims to bring new 'J-turn' intersection to Macon County

MACON, Ill. (WAND) - A new J-turn intersection in Macon is now open after months of construction. 

The J-turn at the intersection of U.S. 51 and Andrews Street officially opened on Friday. 

Some remaining work may be required and lane closures might be put in place. Drivers are urged to pay close attention to the new configuration and signs in the area. 

The intersection has seen as many as 58 crashes in the past 15 years. Three of those crashes were deadly. 

The Illinois Department of Transportation Department decided to give the J-Turn a chance after trying to reduce speed limits in the area and installing flashing lights. The J-Turn will be the first of its kind in Illinois. 

"It restricts cross traffic and makes them make a right-hand turn and then make a u-turn to go the opposite direction," said IDOT regional engineer Jeff South.

To put it simply: drivers will no longer be able to turn left off of Andrews Street Road onto either direction of U.S. 51.

The project was predicted to cost nearly $1.8 million. 

Below is a video of a J-Turn released by the Indiana Department Transportation Department.