ILLINOIS (WAND) - U.S. Census numbers are, on average, lower than they were this close to the deadline in 2010.

Illinios has an average self-response rate of 70 percent. Deputy City Manager of Decatur, Jon Kindseth, said with the pandemic looming, the state of Illinois needs every penny it can get to arm itself with resources to fight the virus.

“Particularly now in this year in the age of COVID, healthcare is a priority for many American households. The resources are based on population, which of course goes back to the census," Kindseth said.

He said for every person that completes the Census, it means $1400 dollars per person per year for the next 10 years, which can make a big difference.

”We can’t afford to not have [people] counted, that is why the stakes are so high in Decatur," Kindseth said.

Illinois historically has given more to Washington that it has gotten back, and that needs to change, Kindseth said.

”We are one of 10 states that actually gives more than it gets back. We can’t afford to leave those resources on the table. We need that here in our local community, so that it’ll continue to find the good services”, Kindseth said.

To fill out the census, go to or call 844-330-2020.

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