URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – A man accused of trafficking and possessing child pornography is facing federal charges.

Nathan A. Ingold, a 37-year-old man from St. Joseph, was arrested June 5 – two days after Homeland Security agents searched his home. The search warrant came after an investigation – which authorities started in February - found pictures of children and toddlers involved in sexually explicit acts on an IP address that investigators say is linked to Ingold.

An affidavit from Urbana police Sgt. Tim McNaught says Ingold admitted during the search that any pornography in his home, located in the 400 block of West Grand Avenue, was his. He allegedly told investigators the images were saved on an older cell phone, per The News-Gazette.

Ingold also told investigators he “knew he was likely on law enforcement’s radar” because of the “high volume of material” he trafficked on a peer-to-peer network, the affidavit says. It adds that Ingold also said he looked at child pornography in his 20s, stopped, then began again in the last several years.

Ingold is in custody in the Macon County Jail. He appeared in federal court on June 5 in Urbana and was assigned a public defender. A probable cause hearing in his case is set for June 21.