MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WAN) - A Macon County Grand Jury declined to indict a teacher accused of aggravated battery of a Decatur Public School's student, according to the Macon County State's Attorney. 

The incident happened in August. According to the the Macon County State's Attorney Scott Rueter, the Decatur Police Department received a complaint that Jamie Goodman, a teacher at South Shores Elementary School, forced a child's head down onto the child's desk, causing bodily harm to the child. 

WAND News Obtained text, emails about the incident. 

Police interviewed the minor child, the accused teacher, as well as staff and administration officials at the school. In cooperation with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, classmates present at the time of the incident were also interviewed. 

The child's mother voiced her frustrations about the incident to the Decatur Public School Board. 

After a complete review of the evidence and witness statements, the Macon County State's Attorney's Office concluded the investigation and presented the evidence to the Grand Jury on September 22, 2021. 

The Grand Jury was asked to decide whether probable cause existed to allow the State to move forward with prosecution. A vote of 9 grand jurors is required to move forward. Rueter said the Grand Jury voted to not move forward with any charges. 

WAND News reached out to Decatur Public School's about the decision by the Grand Jury. 

"The Macon County State’s Attorney has shared information with DPS regarding teacher Jamie Goodman and the grand jury decision. While we cannot disclose information about Ms. Goodman’s position, we can share that Ms. Goodman is not currently assigned at South Shores Elementary School. Given the nature of this personnel matter, DPS has no further comment at this time," said Denise Swarthout, Decatur Public Schools spokesperson. 

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