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QUINCY, Ill. (WAND) - An Illinois resident is an 8-track walking encyclopedia and he's got the world's largest collection. 

Bob Hiemenz has been on a mission to collect 8-tracks after he found a couple of 8-tracks in an old console stereo he brought at a thrift store. 

His collection started to grew after a neighbor was throwing out the old ones. Then strangers found out he was collecting and people randomly showed up with 8-tracks to give to Hiemenz. 

People began calling him TrackerBob. 

His collection is about 93,337. And now he's run out of space in his basement and his garage to store them all. 

"Most people want to get rid of them that’s why I get them," he laughed.

Hiemenz said the tracks are all in working order. And his collection includes more than music. 

“I have instructional tapes for motor homes, John Deere tractors,” he said.

The last time an 8-track was produced was in 1985. 

“My wife keeps telling me, ‘Why don’t you get on eBay and start selling them,’ I said I might do that, haven’t yet.”

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