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(WAND) - Oreo lovers rejoice! Four new flavors are coming out this summer and a favorite is coming back.

May: S'Mores

S'mores Oreo's will return to shelves in May for a limited time.

S'mores Oreo's will return to shelves in May for a limited time.

The marshmallow- and chocolate-flavored frostings will be sandwiched between a graham-cracker cookie.

June: Latte Thins

For those who adore a thinner Oreo (and a cup of Joe), Latte Thins are here on a permanent basis.

Latte Thins will be released and become a permanent addition to the Oreo flavors. 

They will be filled with a java-flavored cream.

Mid-June: Marshmallow Moon

We're over the moon for these Marshmallow Moon limited-edition Oreo cookies.

The limited edition cookie marks 50 years since Apollo 11's historic landing on the moon.

The cookie will have pale purple frosting. The packaging designs (which will come in three variations including an astronaut floating in space, a rocket ship blasting off and a crescent moon with stars) glow in the dark.

July: Mint Chocolate Chip

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... Oreo!

Oreo partnered with Baskin Robbins. The crunchy chocolate cookie will surround mint creme with sprinkles of chocolate chips inside.

August: Maple Creme

Fall in love with the last Oreo flavor of the summer.

The Maple Creme cookie will features syrup-flavored creme sandwiched between golden Oreo cookies.

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