DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — Each step, brings Mike Sisk closer to a better self and a better Pana.

"If your first impression pulling off the highway is trash, you're not likely to have a good impression," he said.

Each day, Sisk puts on his reflective vest and gets to work. It's not easy work — especially when he ends up in the mucky trenches picking up litter by hand.

But Sisk says it's necessary.

"I work at the water department," he said. "From a health standpoint, the water is going to run through these ditches through all of this trash and it's eventually going to end up in the water system."

A tedious chore has turned into a passion. Sisk wants to be out here.

"Now instead of walking and picking up trash, I'm picking up trash and getting a little walk in," Sisk said with a chuckle.

Sisk has filled more than 100 bags since April. Once they're all loaded up, it's off to the dumpster. Then it's off to rest and educate others.

"I'm not asking anybody to stop and pick up trash," Sisk said. "I'm just hoping they won't throw it out [the window]."