MACON, Ill. (WAND) - A sign that seems to be calling the new "J-Turn" intersection in Macon "funky" will be taken down, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. 

The sign appeared sometime this week near the area of U.S. 51 and West Andrews Street Road. 

According to IDOT,  the sign was installed by the Macon County Highway Department. They say it is not an official IDOT sign and the department has been instructed to take it down. 

On Dec. 16 the highway department changed their cover photo on Facebook to a photo of the sign with U.S. 51 in the background. They say it was installed as a unique approach to get people to pay attention and actually stop. The department said they installed it after people were running the stop sign. 

Macon County Engineer Bruce Bird of the Macon County Highway Department said "It's unfortunate that people don't have a sense of humor for this sign." 

Bird said the sign will unfortunately come down on Monday. 

The J-turn opened in September at Andrews Street Road and U.S. 51 after months of construction. The new intersection was installed after three deadly crashes happened at the intersection over the past 15 years. 

It is the first of it's kind in Illinois.