Police lights

ILLINOIS (WAND) – Troopers are warning the public after citing multiple people caught speeding on I-57 Friday.

A Facebook post from Illinois State Police District 10 said troopers were handing out tickets after I-57 became really busy in central Illinois, with parents and college students involved in back-to-school road trips. Speeds reached 95 to 105 miles per hour consistently, leading to a lot of citations, troopers said.

“One mom was returning northbound after dropping her child off at college and was driving 97 miles per hour,” state police said in the post.

Drivers are asked to be aware that extra patrol cars will be on I-57 over the weekend looking for speeders. They said just because other people are driving at high speeds doesn’t mean other drivers have to follow them.

Troopers said tickets will be passed out “like Tic-Tacs” in the next several weeks.

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