LOVINGTON, Ill. (WAND) - The Miller School House in Lovington is set to move down the road to Arthur today.
Chairman of the Illinois Amish Heritage Center Board Wilmer Otto said the house has been on East Route 133 since 1910 but now the center has a new purpose for the building.
"This will help satisfy the curiosity of many of the visitors to the Arthur community who would like to sincerely learn more about the Amish culture and the people."  
The move itself will be a grand event with horses and a tractor pull that the community is invited to see.
"We will have an antique tractor that will pull it part of the ways and in order to have a little fun with it we're even going to have a four horse Belgian team pull it part of the way and so it's about a ten mile trek and we expect the entire distance to be covered in about two hours."
Spectators can come to the HCK Parking Lot in Arthur at 10 a.m. one mile south of the Moultrie-Douglas County Line.
Although the building hasn't been used since 1910, it was once used to teach Amish children about their faith.
"Within the Amish tradition they speak a vernacular German to each other daily but the scriptures are read in the high German. So to teach their young people how to read the scriptures and to understand the scriptures in church services they have these schools set around the community and the people send their children after their elementary school is finished."
Otto also said they anticipate this building to be a great tool for students to learn local history.
"We expect a lot of school groups will come through and so we will teach the Amish school system and then also use it to tell the story of this community and the history of the Amish going back to Europe."  
While the move is happening today they don't anticipate the tours to be available until early June.

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