Quintet of Eisenhower signees makes history

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DECATUR -- Three to the Ivy League. Five history makers in all.

It's safe to say it was a significant day at Eisenhower High School.

The school's Thursday afternoon signing ceremony featured the Panthers' first softball signee in a decade in Gretchen Warner (Elgin Community College), its first-ever female wrestler in Cheyanna Bork (McKendree), its first-ever female rugby signee in Seven Sassano (Dartmouth) and its first-ever pair of Harvard-bound twins, track stars Tina and Katina Martin.


Tina and Katina Martin (plus their mother, head coach Tracey Barnes, and father Ewan Martin)

Harvard (track and field)

Seven Sassano (plus her father Shaun Sassano)

Dartmouth (rugby)

Cheyanna Bork

McKendree (wrestling)

Gretchen Warner

Elgin Community College (softball)