ATLANTA (WAND) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found children are susceptible to COVID-19 and may be able to spread it after an overnight camp outbreak in Georgia involved hundreds of campers and staff.

A CDC report said the camp occurred in late June. Camp staff had to wear masks, but children were not required to. There were indoor and outdoor activities after camp began on June 21.

On June 23, the CDC said a teen staff member developed chills and left the camp. They tested positive for COVID-19 the following day. Officials started sending the kids home on June 24 before the camp closed June 27.

Nearly 600 people in total attended the camp. The CDC reviewed 344 test results and found 260 total positive cases between the children and camp staff. The attack rate was 44 percent, per the CDC, and even higher (51 percent) for kids in the 6-10 age range.

The CDC's report said "relatively large cohorts sleeping in the same cabin and engaging in regular singing and cheering" likely contributed to transmission of COVID-19.

The camp had followed an executive order in Georgia and required all trainees, staff members and campers to provide documentation showing a negative COVID-19 test result 12 or fewer days before arrival at camp.

"These findings demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 spread efficiently in a youth-centric overnight setting, resulting in high attack rates among persons in all age groups, despite efforts by camp officials to implement most recommended strategies to prevent transmission," the report said. 

It went on to say, "this investigation adds to the body of evidence demonstrating that children of all ages are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection and, contrary to early reports, might play an important role in transmission."

Click here to read the full CDC report. 

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