DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - City leaders want to decrease the number of driving lanes on U.S. 51. This would only apply to the roads between Pershing and Eldorado.

Central Illinoisans shouldn't expect changes anytime soon. The council didn't vote on it Monday. However, the council expressed how they want to see changes. 

In fact, the city council wanted to see changes on U.S. 51 since 2019. Scot Wrighton, Decatur's city manager, said the roads "detract from the neighborhood and work against the city's neighborhood revitalization objectives." 

"Because of traffic pattern changes, because of truck re-routes and many other factors... both northbound and southbound sections of 51 can be three-lane only," Wrighton said. 

To the council, changing the number of lanes can help beautify the city. Councilman Rodney Walker said "it's well worth it." 

"It's just a flat out win-win for the city," Walker said. 

"This is exactly what we need to improve the entrance to our city," Councilman Chuck Khule added. 

"I'm very excited about this project," Councilman David Horn said. 

City leaders would want to see striped pedestrian crossings, new street lights and planted trees. There's no telling when the public can share their input, but that is next on the city's to-do list.

The City of Decatur reached out to the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program, ITEP, for funding. It is looking to acquire $2 million. 

Central Illinoisans should expect construction by 2022 or 2023. 

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