ST. LOUIS (WAND) - Video showed two dogs tied up with duct tape in a car located in the parking lot of a south St. Louis business. 

According to NBC affiliate KSDK, Rachele Bishop recorded video of a woman who had dogs tied up in the parking lot of a Planet Fitness, located off Chippewa in south St. Louis. She did not go on camera with the station on Monday, but gave the station a statement she sent to Animal Control. 

The statement said Bishop called St. Louis Police, which then sent firefighters because of the workload police were handling. Crews found the car sunroof open and said two dogs inside were "wrapped up in plastic," Bishop's statement said. One of the dogs was stuck under a stroller and blanket, while the other was "taped up from its neck to its hind end" and was under the front seat. 

St. Louis police told the station that according to 911 notes, Animal Regulation investigated what happened and found no crime occurred.

According to Bishop's statement, the woman had claimed the dogs were taped up to keep them from barking and because they will chew on themselves. Bishop said when the Animal Control supervisor arrived, he talked to the woman and let her leave with the animals. 

Melanie Wade, a grooming business owner who watched the video on one of her animal Facebook groups, described what she saw to KSDK. 

"They were taped. Their front legs (were) taped down to their body," she said. "Their back (legs were) taped together. Their back legs (were) taped to them. Their muzzle (was) taped on one dog the other dog had a muzzle on under the front seat of her car."

KSDK said it reached out to the St. Louis Fire Department and Animal Control and did not hear back. 

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