SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - A popular event for car lovers is returning once again after a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic.
The International Route 66 Mother Road Festival will be returning to Downtown Springfield Sept. 24-26.
Show promoter Greg Cooper said this is a popular event they are excited to see come back.
"It's such a big crowd pleaser to the area ... and it's a great showcase from all over the country for cars and vehicles ... and we're just glad it could continue," Cooper said. 
This will be the 20th year for the festival. The festivities will include cars, people and even celebrities from all around the world.
"There are some people that actually fly in from across the world that's why it's international festival. Huge spectator around sixty to eighty thousand people in a three-day span." said Cooper.
It's more than just a fun event for car lovers. It also generates millions in tourism dollars for the city.
"Outside of the Illinois State Fair this is the biggest Springfield event all year long. So it's major, you know, hotels, food and the list goes on. It's just very, very important." said Cooper.
The festival has new management, and they are making sure to include local flare in the festivities.
"It's always been a national show, but we want to also throw in there a lot of local stuff, a lot of local vendors, local exhibits and things like that featuring Springfield," Cooper said. "From your cozy dogs to Knights Action Park to motorheads, just a wide area of things we wanna feature."

To register your car or for more information, you can go to the event's website

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