DECATUR, Il. (WAND) -- What started as a college capstone project in 2015 has now blossomed into an organization aiding the Autistic community.

"Not forgotten is a community organization that brings families and educators together to create sustainable resources for individuals living with exceptional needs," Ashley Galloway, co-director & treasurer of Not Forgotten, Inc. said.

The National Autism Association says there is no cure for Autism, but with intervention and treatment, symptoms can be greatly improved or in some cases, overcome completely.

"On the kids side we like to do activities and bring them into the community and bring them out so that they're not just at home all the time. We want them to experience everything like everyone else does," Amy McLaughlin, activities director & social media manager of Not Forgotten, Inc. said. 

Sensory nights at the Children's Museum are a stable for the organization. They will return next month when the museum re-opens. 

"We have several kids within our organization that are capable of being apart of the community, just struggle with some barriers so to raise that awareness and understanding and give them the same opportunities that other children have is very important," Galloway said.

Not Forgotten, Inc. is raising awareness for autism, but acceptance as well.

"If you meet someone with autism, you just met them. They're not going to all be the same. They're all going to do their own little stems -- it's just accepting all of those little corks that come with each person," McLaughlin said.

1 in 54 children are affected by Autism. So, chances are, you'll encounter a child with an intellectual disability.

"They can do amazing things, you just have to give them the time to tell you and show you," McLaughlin said.

Not Forgotten Inc. holds educational forums for parents on the first Thursday of every month.  

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