SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Wooden it be Lovely is an organization made up of more than ten women who refurbish furniture and sew pillows.

Executive Director, Rev. Margaret Ann Jessup, says it's a program that offers hope and employment for women who are healing from lives of poverty, addiction and abuse.

"The actual idea to do furniture, and call it Wooden it be Lovely, was just something that I believe God inspired me to do," Jessup says.

All week, the organization has been getting ready for their big sale. Jessup says the women have worked hard for the past three-and-a-half months to create more than 200 pieces of furniture and pillows.

"We hire women to refurbish, or paint, wooden furniture and sell the wooden furniture to the public for our income stream," Jessup says.

Every piece created is one of a kind, just like the women who make them.

"It's women recently out of prison, or in drug court or drug recovery programs," Jessup says.

For Charmilla Williams, her son inspired her to join the program.

"Back in 2018, we got mixed up in the wrong crowd," Williams says. "We got in trouble, so I got put on probation. I called here the day I had my baby, from, the hospital to get my job."

Williams says this program has helped her reach her next milestone.

"They're helping me with my GED, going back to school," Williams says. "They're teaching me a lot of new things."

According to Jessup, the girls don't just work to make a living, but to build a future.

"We have classes on things like interview skills, parenting skills financial management skills," Jessup says.

The Wooden it be Lovely sale is this Saturday. It begins at 9 A.M. at Douglas Avenue Methodist Church. All of the money earned goes back into the program.

"I do believe the women that we employee, and circle around and support, have greater success in their recovery," Jessup says.

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