CHAMPAIGN. Ill. (WAND) - Overcoming depression, drug addiction and loss is never easy for anyone, but there are programs like one offered in Restoration Urban Ministries that are there to remind people they aren't alone.

Angela Worthey grew up neglected by her mother. When she was only 13 years old, her mother told her she could no longer live with her. Worthey had a hard time finding a place to sleep at night for many years to follow.

A couple of years later, she found herself pregnant with twins and lost one of them at age 3. Before she knew it, she was struggling with depression and a lot of anxiety.

"I was having a panic attack and somebody grabbed me and in my attempts to get them off. My leg shattered. It was all due to an undiagnosed calcium deficiency," said Worthey.

She says she found herself hooked on pain medication after the leg injury and that was when she knew she had to seek help.

She found a program called Self-Sufficiency through Restoration Urban Ministries and that was when she found purpose again.

"I was really at my lowest point coming here. I had to be on death's doorstep," she said. 

The program is designed to help everyone and anyone who needs help. The program runs for 11 months.

"We went through classes like parenting, budgeting and nutrition classes," said a recent graduate from the program, Sheila Anderson.

Sheila says she came to the program to help her with alcohol, drugs and depression. She says when she lost her mother it was then she realized she needed to change and find hope again.

Both of these women hope that by sharing their stories, more people will be willing to seek the help they need and if they just need someone to speak to, these two women are there to support them.

To learn more about the program, visit this link