CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - Champaign tenants prove their generosity when they donated their rent credit to C-U at Home.

Royse + Brinkmeyer Apartments offered their tenants a $25 rent credit for December. The agency gave their tenants an option. They could keep it or donate the credit to C-U at Home, and the agency would match the donation.

C-U at Home reported, 313 Royse + Brinkmeyer tenants agreed to donate their discount, raising $7,825. With the match from the agency a grand total of $15,650 will be donated in support of C-U at Home's "One Winter Night" community awareness and fundraising event, scheduled for February 5, 2021.

Royse+Brinkmeyer will be recognized as an Event Sponsor, the highest level of Business Sponsorship, for OWN 2021, according to C-U at Home.

"It's been a year where people more than ever appreciate 'home.' We suspect that folks without a home will also be the most vulnerable and affected by the labor and health crisis of 2020," says Collin Carlier, Royse + Brinkmeyer CEO. "Additionally, we have been generally amazed and impressed with our resident's willingness to help others. In this case, we wanted to support them but also empower them to support others that may need it most. This money will help more people feel the security of 'home.' Their actions speak for themselves and reflect the strong community they help create."

C-U at Home is a non-profit ministry based in Champaign, founded in 2011. They exist to engage and mobilize the community to house and support the most vulnerable homeless on their journey of healing and restoration.

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