It's WAND's "All-Time 5"! Which local high school has the best all-time, all-star lineup of basketball players from any era, together on one court in a tournament of 33 teams!

53 pages. 10,600 words (and counting). Countless conversations, messages, box scores, All-State lists and school records. Now that Gordon Voit's research packet has been compiled, we begin the fun.

NUMBER 27: Lakeview Spartans

(Decatur Public School 1950 - 1982)

(7) Lakeview vs. (2) TBA

PG - Eddie Taylor (Millikin) 5-11, 24.9 ppg senior year, 1980 MC POY

SG - Dave Marques, (Lincoln Trail College) 6-4 shooter, 26.4 senior year was record; 5th points 1,134; Class of 1972

G/F - Ron Stutes, 6-0, 1st points 1,310; Class of 1956

F - Dave Dakin (1974 MC POY) 6-3, 3rd points 1,204, 22 ppg senior, 14 rpg career; Class of 1974

F - Wayne Dunning (Millikin) 6-5, 7th points LHS, 1,456 at Millikin also 4th rebounding; Tryout with Bulls and 76ers; Class of 1979


F - Dave Kupish (Millikin) 6-3, 1977 MC POY, 4th points, 1,198; Class of 1977

G/F - Richard “Dick” Floyd (Millikin) 2nd points 1,217, 19.5 ppg senior, Class of 1964

G – Jonas Bond, Led city in scoring 1977-78

G - John Kotzelnik (St. Leo’s baseball) 6-0, 6th points 1,088; Class of 1970

G – Dan Cruz, 5-9, 13 ppg, lightning quick; Class of 1977

Analysis: This will be an incredibly fun team to watch – nine deep with Kupish and Floyd being basically starters who happen to come off the bench. Could see either lead the team in scoring at times – but someone had to begin the game off the bench. Pretty great to be able to bring in a MC POY (4th in career points) and the second-leading scorer in school history!

One of the most fun things about this team is the rarity of the specific era – by definition all of the players have to come from a 32-year window (most are from the prosperous 1970s) because that’s how long the school was open.

(Did we miss a player? Email so we can update the roster! Thanks for your help in making this special project complete.)

Best season: School records are incomplete but the 1978-79 team featuring F Wayne Dunning and PG Eddie Taylor went 22-5. Both were superstars in high school who would later team up at Millikin.

Enrollment: 500-700 range, depending on the decade

GOAT: F Wayne Dunning (Millikin). Easy call. Dunning is a Decatur legend who got even better after graduating from Lakeview in 1979. At Millikin the versatile 6-foot-5 forward finished with 1,456 points and was the No. 4 all-time rebounder. He got a tryout with the Bulls and 76ers after his time in Decatur.

Why they're seeded here: Lakeview has some of the most prolific single season scorers in the WAND viewing area, from Eddie Taylor's 25 points per game to Dave Dakin's 26 points per game. What holds this squad back are two factors 1) They pull from a very brief 32-year period (1950 - 1982) and 2) They do not have a Division-I player, to my knowledge. Dunning was certainly Division-I caliber, but every team ahead of Lakeview in the rankings has a plethora of Division-I (and even NBA) talent.

Music: Funky 70s. The Spartans' heyday was the 70s and 80s when stars had enormous hair, tiny shorts and retro glasses. They played high-flying, let-it-rip basketball and will be a crowd favorite. Amazing.

Controversial decision: Again, Kupish and Floyd will get significant minutes for this team. Dunning is a lock, as are the three guards, so it becomes a comparison of Kupish and Dakin, and Dakin's elite rebounding ability (14 per game) is the tiebreaker.


WHAT: A competition to see who has the best all-time all-star squad of any high school basketball program in the 217 area code.

WHEN: February 5 - March 18 (Phase 1)

March 18 until the NCAA Final Four in April (Phase 2)

HOW: Gordon Voit will release four more teams every single Wednesday night, two during the 6 p.m. show and two during the 10 p.m. show. This is Phase 1. Phase 2 consists of a bracket challenge pitting the teams against each other in a simulated tournament.


February 5: The 8 seeds

No. 33: Mt. Pulaski (Play-in game)

No. 32: Okaw Valley (Bethany-Findlay) (Play-in game)

No. 31: St. Joseph-Ogden

No. 30: Maroa-Forsyth

No. 29: Glenwood

February 12: The 7 seeds

No. 28: Warrensburg-Latham

No. 27: Lakeview

No. 26: Teutopolis

No. 25: Shelbyville

February 19: The 6 seeds

No. 24: TBA

No. 23: TBA

No. 22: TBA

No. 21: TBA

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