It's WAND's "All-Time 5"! Which local high school has the best all-time, all-star lineup of basketball players from any era, together on one court in a tournament of 33 teams!

51 pages. 8,900 words (and counting). Countless conversations, messages, box scores, All-State lists and school records. Now that Gordon Voit's research packet has been compiled, we begin the fun.


(8) Maroa-Forsyth vs. (1) TBD


G - Robo Kreps (UIC) 6-1, 2nd Mr. Basketball 2007 over Evan Turner, Jacob Pullen and Demetri McCamey; State Champion; 1,731 points 1st

G - Austin Peebles (St. Joseph IN D2) 6-3, 1,565 points; Class of 2006; State runner-up

G/F - Ken Chalcraft (Illinois football QB) 6-3, (Leading scorer for 44 years; 4th now); 1,000 rebounds; Class of 1957 (Sweet 16 one class)

PF - Zach Kowa (MacMurray) 6-5, Trojans need his size in post

C - Mike Pope (Illinois Wesleyan) 6-6, 1996-97 D3 National Champion


G - Drew McCool (Eastern Kentucky) 6-0; 1,366 points 6th; Class of 2005; 11 ppg Parkland

F - Doug Faulkner (Danville Area CC) 6-5, Inaugural Maroa-Forsyth Hall of Fame class

Lonny "Eagle" McClung, 1956-7 Sweet 16 team (One class), Inaugural Maroa-Forsyth Hall of Fame class

G - Blake Grider 1,480 points 3rd; Class of 2001

Butch Brown, 5th most points (Class of 1958)

G - Wyatt Washburn 1,059 points; Class of 2010

Steve Gillen, 1,057 points; Class of 1970

Larry Day, 1,031 points; Class of 1969

G - CJ McClellan (Millikin)

G - Ben Cochran (Wheaton, Blackburn) State champions 2007

G - TJ Jackson (Illinois baseball) 6-0

G - Blake Stelzriede (Illinois College) 6-0 4 ppg senior at IC


(Did we miss a player? Email so we can update the roster! Thanks for your help in making this special project complete.)

Best season: 2007 State Champion (Class 1A, two-class system)

Enrollment: 386 (2020)

GOAT: Robo Kreps. End of discussion. The 2007 Mr. Basketball runner-up wasn't just unstoppable in the 217 area code, but at State and then in college where he led UIC to the likes of a win over No. 12 Illinois in 2010 at the United Center in Chicago. He even put up 20+ points per game for his European pro team. Baller. Shot caller. GOAT.

Why they're seeded here: This is one of those teams where you can't just look at the college destinations and evaluate it from solely that. This team has guys who can flat-out fill it up, I mean pick them. Ben Cochran from the 2000s teams could get hot at any moment and go for 20+. Drew McCool and Blake Grider could just as easily been in that starting lineup. This is a case of the bench and starting lineup having major interchangeability. If you or your brother or friend is on the bench, don't take offense to it -- someone's gotta start. Typically career points scored or college destination are tiebreakers.

One more thing: shout-out to Butch Brown, who still has the fifth most points in program history despite graduating in 1958 when scoring was far more difficult.

WHAT: A competition to see who has the best all-time all-star squad of any high school basketball program in the 217 area code.

WHEN: February 5 - March 18 (Phase 1)

March 18 until the NCAA Final Four in April (Phase 2)

HOW: Gordon Voit will release four more teams every single Wednesday night, two during the 6 p.m. show and two during the 10 p.m. show. This is Phase 1. Phase 2 consists of a bracket challenge pitting the teams against each other in a simulated tournament.


February 5: The 8 seeds

Play-in game

No. 33: Mt. Pulaski

No. 32: Okaw Valley (Bethany-Findlay)

No. 31: St. Joseph-Ogden

No. 30: Maroa-Forsyth

No. 29: Glenwood

February 12: The 7 seeds

No. 28

No. 27

No. 26

No. 25