It's Gordon Voit's new sports series "WAND Oral Histories," diving deep into the long-form legends, myths and ghosts of Central Illinois sports lore!

Tune in on Fridays during the 10 p.m. sportscast for a taste of each week's episode, which will be posted online by Saturday morning in its full form.

Episode 9: Uwe Blab - Bob Knight and the Indiana years

Topics including why Blab chose Indiana over Duke, why players are so loyal to Bob Knight, how Blab developed into an NBA prospect, "The Chair Incident" and rooming with Dan Dakich.

Episode 8: "Uwe Blab vs. Michael Jordan"

Episode 7: "Dan Duff: From Lincoln to Notre Dame"

Episode 6A: "Former Illini guard Trent Meacham and wife Theresa launch new podcast"

Episode 6B: "The time Trent Meacham hit a buzzer-beater against Allen Iverson"

Episode 5: "Uwe Blab, Part 1: Coming to Effingham" - Effingham High graduate Uwe Blab has a fascinating life story: from Munich, Germany to Effingham, Illinois to Indiana University and five years in the NBA. In Part 1, Blab shares the story of how he came to Effingham and what his transition was like with his host family, the Kellers.

Episode 4: "Jack Sunderlik and the Runnin' Reds" - IBCA and Millikin Hall of Famer Jack Sunderlik discusses everything from the 1960s Runnin' Reds dynasty to his college career to his childhood playing in the parks of Decatur.

Episode 3: "Ball Head Watkins" - Marty Watkins shares about his uncle, former Eisenhower forward George Watkins, who signed an ABA contract but ultimately fell into the trap many young men without guidance fall into

Episode 2: "Curly Neal and Decatur" - Washington General Anthony Smith and Sean Streaty's memory of the Globetrotters in Decatur in the late 1970s

Episode 1: "Kita's Porch" - The playground scene in the 1980s and 1990s in Decatur

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