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WARRENSBURG, Ill. (WAND) - A GoFundMe and donation fund have been set up for the family of the Warrensburg woman killed on Wednesday. 

According to the Village Of Warrensburg Facebook page, an account is set up at the Buena Vista National Bank in Warrensburg. The account, “Lourash Family Assistance” fund, will accept donations to assist the four children impacted by the shooting death of Tabitha Lourash. 

According to authorities, Lourash was shot and killed on Wednesday during a suspected domestic violence incident in Warrensburg. 

According to the village, there will be three locations accepting donations. Those include, the Village Hall, Buena Vista bank and all 121 Coffee Run locations.
The official account was set up by the village for the sole purpose of assisting this family in need. All of the money will be utilized to assist with both short-term and long-term needs.
Donations can be mailed to: 
Warrensburg Village Hall
155 E Main St
Warrensburg, IL 62573
Attn: Lourash Family Assistance
Buena Vista National Bank
450 E Main St
Warrensburg, IL. 62573
Attn: Lourash Family Assistance
Village President Kirk Riley wrote, "I know many people are hurting and we can never replace the life that was lost nor a family disrupted forever, but we can make a difference in providing for those children who never had a say in what happened."
The family of Tabitha, also shared a GoFundMe organized to assist with the memorial services and the "future and wellbeing of Tabitha’s four children".
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