ILLINOIS (WAND) – Lawmakers have introduced a first bill to legalize marijuana in Illinois.

HB 0902 is called the Cannabis Legalization Equity Act. It would make legal the personal possession of marijuana up to a certain limit and allow people to grow cannabis plants at home if they choose. Illinois Rep. Carol Ammons (D) from House District 103 is the bill’s sponsor.

The bill allows people at age 21 or older to do the following:

  • Possess, consume, use, display, purchase or transport cannabis accessories
  • Grow a maximum of 24 mature cannabis plants on their own property, and possess the cannabis they produce on that property
  • Possess no more than 224 grams of cannabis outside of their property

HB 0902 also allows a person at age 21 or older to assist another person in following one of the above guidelines.

The bill creates a 10 percent excise tax on the sale price of marijuana when it’s moved from where it’s cultivated to a retail store or cannabis product manufacturing business.

The official full text of the bill is attached to this story in PDF form.

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