LAKE CITY, Ill. (WAND) — It's been a tough week in Lake City.

The unincorporated community sits nestled in the corn and soybean fields in Moultrie County. Here, everyone knows everyone.

Pastor Mike Jones has delivered sermons at Prairie View Baptist Church for a little more than year. When he saw a man's house burning down the street, he decided to put his ministry into action.

"We're trying to collect any type of clothing items — underwear, t-shirts, socks — anything that he could wear," Jones said.

The donations have poured into his church in week since the February 15 fire. Jones has already delivered a load of goods to the man who lost his home and hopes to deliver many more.

"Our church is focused on reaching out to a community — yes, to help with donations, clothing items, those kind of things — but even more than that," Jones said. "[We want] to actually show a community we want to serve you."

Donations can be brought to Prairie View Baptist Church in Lake City at 2423 500E. Sizes should include a large shirt, 34-36 waist pants with 32 inch length or a size 10.5 shoe.