DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Decatur's city council has unanimously approved a 2021 budget. 

Members of the council described the budget as a work in progress. They anticipate cuts are possible if the state reaches into the city's pocket. This wouldn't happen at least until Illinois approves a budget at the state level in July. 

Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe said the city is trying to fill as many holes as it can with businesses struggling. She said in Monday night's meeting the budget "contains everything that the city is supposed to do." 

Councilman David Horn also voiced his approval and noted first responders were an important part of this process to him. 

"I also wanted to mention that I think it's very important that the budget included funding to retain the same or increase number of police and firefighters," Horn said. 

The 2021 budget runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. With potential budget amendments anticipated, city leaders will conduct finance reports every three months. 

The council tabled a topic involving helping small businesses with a grant of over $800,000. Bars and restaurants are continuing to deal with Tier 3 mitigations measures put in place by the Illinois government. 

The city voted to approve the negotiation and execution of an agreement for the creation of a health care clinic, which will serve Decatur's 450 city employees who are in the health care benefit plan.  It will be an agreement with Paladina Health LLC. 

Another approved measure involves a redevelopment agreement between Decatur and InnovaFeed. The new project will become the world's largest inspect protein facility. ADM and InnovaFeed will collaborate on the construction and operation of the site. 

Further, the gaming license payment due date was extended in Decatur. Annual licenses and fees for video gaming have been moved back by two months from Jan. 1, 2021. 

Finally, a new fire truck for the Decatur fire department was approved. The truck is a 107-foot Pierce Aerial Ladder Apparatus. 

The Decatur Fire Department said the truck will help the city expand capabilities to reach the east side of town and the city as a whole. The department was short on rigs following an Aug. 9 crash and had to borrow a fire truck from the Bloomington Fire Department

The new truck is expected to be on the way in a few months, per Decatur Fire Chief Jeff Abbott. The Bloomington truck will be used until then. 

For a full breakdown of the 2021 budget, see the PDF document attached to this story beginning on page 15. 

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