SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - The person accused of killing two people in a Springfield warehouse shooting died from shooting himself, per police. 

Two victims were killed and another injured Friday when an active shooter opened fire inside the Bunn-O-Matic warehouse in Springfield.

A man in his 20s and a man in his 60s were killed. A woman in her 50s is in critical condition.

The suspect is 48-year-old Michael L. Collins.

Officers were called out for a shooting just after 11 a.m. The first officer arrived on scene within one minute of the call.

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Police said two victims were shot inside the building, and one person was shot in the parking lot.

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The Bunn-O-Matic warehouse is located on Adlai Stevenson Dr.

Stevenson Dr. was blocked from 13th St. to Allia, but has since reopened.

Police said Collins fled the scene. They were notified at 1:49 p.m. by Morgan County law enforcement that the suspect was found dead inside his vehicle on Leech Farm Rd. at the I-72 overpass. He had a valid FOID card, authorities said, and police found two handguns in his vehicle. 

After 6 p.m. Friday, Springfield police confirmed a self-inflicted gunshot wound caused Collins' death.

Collins was an active employee of Bunn-O-Matic. Police had contact with him in June of 1991, when he was arrested on charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  

There are no additional suspects, police said Friday evening.

President and CEO of Bunn-O-Matic Arthur Bunn told WAND News, “I’m here out of respect for the victims and their families and our employees and team members. It’s the saddest possible day for our company nationally, especially in light of all the other troubles that are among us and around us.”

He added, “We just want to wish our very best to the victims' families and to all our employees. We will be there for every little bit of support, and we will do everything we can to help them through this crisis."

Police said they could not speak to a motive at this time, but said Collins and the victims knew each other.

This is a developing story.

WAND has several crews on scene.

Another press conference is planned for 6 p.m.

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