It's WAND's Athlete of the Week!

Each week, our WAND Sports Team puts the spotlight on a local high school athlete who is excelling not only as an athlete, but as a student and a community member!

To submit a student-athlete's name, please send a detailed list of his/her accolades to Mark Pearson at

Congratulations to Eisenhower's Sincer Jackson!

Week 2: Jackson Hogan (St. Teresa football)

Week 3: Markesha Jackson (Eisenhower basketball/track)

Week 4: Jeske Maples (Central A&M football)

Week 5: Aiden Seider (Eisenhower football)

Week 6: Kate Jeffers (Okaw Valley volleyball) 

Week 7: Edgar Onate (St. Teresa soccer)

Week 8: Grant Ripperda (Wiliamsville football)

Week 9: Wade Jostes (Maroa-Forsyth football)

Week 10: Sage Davis (Mt. Zion football)

Week 11: Jonah Lauff (Pana football)

Week 12: Brittney Oakley (Warrensburg-Latham track & field)

Week 13: Tyler Estes (Glenwood football)

Week 14: R.J. Walker (Eisenhower basketball)

Week 15: Bernie Roach (ISVI wrestling)

Week 16: Decatur Christian Starting Five

Week 17: Jason Pealer (Decatur Lutheran basketball)

Week 18: Kyla Jones (Eisenhower basketball)

Week 19: Kyle Ingram (Sacred Heart-Griffin basketball)

Week 20: Ashlyn Sturdy (TCSV Tornadoes basketball)

Week 21: Connor Heaton (Central A&M basketball)

Week 22: Liva Binder (Tumbler)

Week 23: Addison Newbon (St. Teresa)

Week 24: Emily White (Sullivan basketball)

Week 25: Lainie Wolter and Emma Ewing (Mt. Zion basketball)

Week 26: Lukas Eagle (Mt. Zion wrestling)

Week 27: Kadinn Morris (Sacred Heart-Griffin)

Week 28: Rhiannon Held (Mt. Zion pole vault)

Week 29: Clinton track quartet

Week 30: Jacob Paradee (Central A&M Basketball/Football)

Week 31: Jacob Shumaker (Mt. Zion Track/Soccer)

Week 32: Hallie Mitchell (Maroa-Forsyth Softball/Basketball)

Week 33: Reese Edwards (Sacred Heart-Griffin) 

Week 34: Alex Henrikson and Olivia Rosenstein (Williamsville track/Basketball, Urbana Track)

Week 35: Jesse Damery (Meridian Softball)

Week 36: Ellie Knight (Auburn Golf)

Week 37: Sabrie Strong-McCloud (MacArthur Track, Volleyball and Cheerleading)

Week 38: Khalil Ross (Lanphier Track and Field)

Week 39: Kenli Nettles (ALAH Track and Field)

Week 40: Kyaria Cotton (Eisenhower Girl's Soccer, Cheerleader)

Week 41: Taylor Fox (Mt. Zion Track, Basketball, Cross Country) 

Week 42: Andrew Ellison (Monticello, Soccer, Swimming, Baseball, Football

Week 43: Hunter Hendershot (Mahomet-Seymour, Track and field)

Week 44: Ben Hartl (Springfield High, Baseball)

Week 45: Zoie Bowman (Meridian, Softball)

Week 46: James Dent (Southeast, Basketball)

Week 47: Devin Hale (Sacred Heart-Griffin, Football)

Week 48: Eric Tyler (Southeast, Football)

Week 49: Qua Smith (MacArthur, Basketball)

Week 50: Valerie Nutakor (St. Teresa, Volleyball)

Week 51: Matthew Baker (Rochester, Football)

Week 52: Bennie Slater (Springfield High, Basketball)

Week 53: Alex Sweetland (Sacred Heart-Griffin, Football)

Week 54: Sofie Lowis (Sacred Heart-Griffin, Football)

Week 55: Daleny Chumbley (TCSV, Softball)

Week 56: Brayden Closs (Warrensburg Latham, Football, Baseball)

Week 57: Layton Hall (ALAH, Cross Country)

Week 58: Mabry Bruhn (Monticello, Cross Country, Swimming)

Week 59: Grant Hardwick (Tuscola, Basketball, Football)

Week 60: Eric Turner Jr. (Danville, Football, Track and Field)

Week 61: Ben Gilbert (Maroa-Forsyth, Football, Track and Field) 

Week 62: Jacob Stoneburner (Effingham, Football, Basketball

Week 63: Brynn Tabeling (Tuscola, Basketball, Track)

Week 64: Morgan Pilate (Mt. Zion Track and Field)

Week 65: Chloe Moyer (Meridian Track and Field)

Week 66: Avery Oberheim (Monticello Softball)

Week 67: Parker Wolfe (Effingham Football and Basketball)

Week 68: Drew Ezard (Jacksonville Football, Baseball and Basketball)

Week 69: Dalen Banks (Springfield Basketball and Baseball)

Week 70: Braden Nichols (Shelbyville Basketball)

Week 71: Taya Davis (MacArthur Basketball)

Week 72: Kaden Feagin (ALAH Basketball, Football and Track)

Week 73: Mallory Cyrulik (Clinton Basketball, Volleyball and Track)

Week 74: Emily Johnson (Meridian Basketball and Softball)

Week 75: Cori Clark (Mt. Pulaski Cheer leader)

Week 76: Shae Littleford (Charleston Basketball)

Week 77: Mikala Nichols (Stewardson-Straburg Basketball)

Week 78: Mitchell Logan (Springfield High Football)

Week 79: Kate Aupperle (Maroa-Forsyth Volleyball)

Week 80: Denver Anderson (MT. Zion Basketball and volleyball)

Week 81: Sammy Schatteman (Taylorville All-star club bowling)

Week 82: Emma Farley (Tri-County High School Softball)

Week 83: Parker Hopkins (Warrensburg-Latham Baseball, Wrestling, Football and Fast Pitch Softball)

Week 84: Evan Foster (Mora-Forsyth, Baseball)

Week 85: Riley Brandenburg (Cerro-Gordo Bement, Volleyball, Track and Field, Basketball and Barrel Racing)

Week 86: Makenzie Brown (ALAH Softball)

Week 87: Brummer Brothers (St. Teresa Baseball)

Week 88: Adams Brothers (Mt. Zion Football)

Week 89: Juju Mize (LSA Volleyball)

Week 90: Yaiza Nieto (Meridian Volleyball)

Week 91: Marissa Snearly (Central A&M Volleyball)

Week 92: Peyton Webster (Springfield High Football)

Week 93: Christian Schanefelt (Warrensburg-Latham Soccer/Football)

Week 94: Grace Buxton (St. Teresa Volleyball)

Week 95: Cale Smith (Eisenhower Cross-Country)

Week 96: Brylan Apholone (MacArthur Football)

Week 97: Nevaeh Gould (Warrensburg-Latham Volleyball)

Week 98: KeShon Singleton (Sacred Heart-Griffin Football)

Week 99: Lauren Buxton (Pleasant Plains Volleyball)

Week 100: Seth Parkinson (Rochester Football)

Week 101: Tre Spence (St. Teresa Football)

Week 102: Blake Kimball (Unity Football)

Week 103: Diavian Mehundrew (Southeast Basketball)

Week 104: Brylan Phillips (MacArthur Basketball)

Week 105: Connor Brown (CGB Basketball)

Week 106: Zaryis Jenkins (Eisenhower Basketball)

Week 107: Billy Guyse (St. Teresa Basketball)

Week 108: Brooke Oakley (Warrensburg-Latham Basketball)

Week 109: Cale Roley (Okaw Valley Basketball)

Week 110: Sophia Kremitzki (Tuscola Basketball)

Week 111: Kam Banks (Southeast Basketball)

Week 112: Jack Kramer (St. Teresa Scholastic Bowl)

Week 113: Christina Rice (MacArthur Basketball)

Week 114: Kaitlyn Rauch (Clinton Basketball)

Week 115: Jacob Six (Warrensburg-Latham Basketball)

Week 116: Jillian Hamilton (Pana Basketball)

Week 117: Zack Hawkinson (Sacred Heart-Griffin Basketball)

Week 118: Leah Adlaf (Maroa-Forsyth Track and Field)

Week 119: Jabryn Anderson (MacAthur High School)

Week 120: Joey Sprinkle (Monticello High School)

Week 121: Stauder Twins (Okaw Valley High School)

Week 122: Alexis Cook (Argenta-Oreana High School)

Week 123: Kayla Schnippel (Mt. Zion High School)

Week 124: Jenna Gulyash (Warrensburg-Latham High School)

Week 125: Katy Hendricks (Meridian High School)

Week 126: Tatum Trotter (Glenwood High School)

Week 127: Ashleigh Anderson (Mt. Zion High School)

Week 128: Ethan Willoughby (Maroa-Forsyth High School)

Week 129: Layo Oladipupo (St. Teresa High School)

Week 130: Gavyn Noblitt (Eisenhower High School)

Week 131: Addison Voorhees (Maroa-Forsyth High School)

Week 132: Julia Corzine (Central A&M High School)

Week 133: Claire Kennedy (St. Thomas More High School)

Week 134: Avery Bruns (Okaw Valley High School)

Week 135: Colin Johannes (Sacred Heart-Griffin High School)

Week 136: McKenna Crawford (Mt. Zion High School)

Week 137: Azarion Richardson (MacArthur High School)

Week 138: Keeton Reiss (Rochester High School)

Week 139: Lleyton Miller (LSA High School)

Week 140: Elle Richards (Taylorville High School)

Week 141: Aiden Riser (Maroa-Forsyth High School)

Week 142: Sam McCoy (Williamsville High School)

Week 143: Linley Southern (Warrensburg-Latham High School)

Week 144: Dawson Graves (Clinton High School)

Week 145: Brody Barnes (Central A&M High School)

Week 146: Jaida Taylor (St. Teresa High School)

Week 147: Kalliana Becker (Mt. Zion High School)

Week 148: Kris Walker (MacArthur High School)

Week 149: Harley Woodard (Tuscola High School)

Week 150: Hudson Ruppert (Okaw Valley High School)

Week 151: Sincer Jackson (Eisenhower High School)

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